Guide to the Health and Care Worker Visa: Updates and Eligibility for UK Healthcare Professionals

The Health and Care Visa stands as a pivotal route for healthcare practitioners worldwide seeking to engage in the UK healthcare and social care domain.

Health and Care Visa

Tailored for qualified professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and social care providers, the Health and Care Visa offers a streamlined pathway for entry into the UK. Eligible candidates must secure a job offer from an accredited sponsor within designated Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes, covering various critical roles within the healthcare sector, encompassing medical practitioners, nurses, and social workers.

Notable Changes

It is crucial to highlight a significant alteration set to take effect in Spring 2024. From 11 March 2024, care workers (SOC 6145) and senior care workers (SOC 6146) under the Health and Care Visa will not be able to bring dependants as part of their visa application. This transition signifies a departure from previous regulations, underscoring the importance for prospective applicants to remain abreast of these modifications.

  • Only providers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England will have the authorization to sponsor applicants for the Health and Care Visa.
  • The standard salary threshold is set to rise to £29,000, or £23,200 for positions governed by the national pay scales, where applicable.
  • Typically, the Health and Care Visa application undergoes prioritized processing by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), yielding expedited decisions within an approximate span of three weeks. Nonetheless, delays may arise, underscoring the significance of staying informed on prevailing processing times.

The Health and Care Visa persists as a vital conduit for healthcare professionals to contribute to the UK healthcare sector. With impending changes set for Spring 2024, it is imperative to remain informed and seek expert guidance.