Corporate Immigration

Corporate Immigration Solutions

Fortis Legal is widely acknowledged as a frontrunner in UK corporate immigration, boasting a team of seasoned experts proficient in crafting tailored immigration strategies and offering unwavering support to Human Resource departments in sourcing and retaining top-tier talent essential for their organizational growth.

Tailored Corporate Immigration Services

Our team collaborates closely with businesses and entities to grasp their needs and future aspirations. We adeptly guide our clients through the intricate UK immigration landscape, mitigating risks stemming from the fluidity of immigration regulations and associated guidelines.

Strategic Corporate Immigration Guidance

We provide counsel on the optimal approaches for hiring foreign nationals and identify visa pathways that align most effectively with their bespoke requirements.

Sponsorship Licensing

A pivotal prerequisite for numerous work visa avenues is securing a Sponsor Licence. This accreditation empowers businesses and organizations to engage overseas talent across a myriad of immigration channels.

While the Skilled Worker and Intra-Company Worker routes are commonly sought by employers, specialized pathways catering to International Sportspeople, Creative Workers, Religious Workers, and Charity Workers warrant consideration.

Our proficient team conducts a thorough assessment of your organization’s circumstances and needs, offering tailored advice on the most suitable routes. We guide you through the licence application process, ensuring preparedness for Home Office inspection visits.

We extend comprehensive support throughout your licence’s lifecycle, aiding in compliance with sponsor duties and facilitating licence renewal every four years. In cases of licence suspension or impending revocation, we provide expedited assistance.

Recognizing the global nature of modern business, we prioritize effective and seamless communication with clients worldwide. Our diverse team encompasses multilingual professionals proficient in various languages and dialects, facilitating efficient interaction with our international clientele.