Fortis Legal: Specialists in
Immigration, Extradition,
Human Rights, and More.
Fortis Legal: Specialists in Immigration,
Extradition, Human Rights, and More.
Our dedicated team brings fresh expertise and unwavering commitment to every case.
Trust us for personalized solutions tailored to your needs.

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London's leading law firm specializing in immigration, complex litigation, and financial sanctions. Our experienced team offers tailored legal solutions for individuals and businesses.

Personal Immigration

Personal Immigration Services The landscape of UK Personal Immigration Law is in constant flux, responding…

Corporate Immigration

Corporate Immigration Solutions Fortis Legal is widely acknowledged as a frontrunner in UK corporate immigration,…

British Citizenship 

Are you eligible for British Nationality? Navigating British citizenship and nationality law can be intricate,…

Family law

In London, when family dynamics undergo strain, grappling with the intricacies of financial matters and…

Divorce Law

Going through a divorce is an emotionally challenging journey. At Fortis Legal, Solicitor Yasemin Simpson…

Civil Law

Navigating civil legal matters in the UK requires expertise and guidance. At Fortis Legal, our…

Skilled Worker Visa

Replacing the former Tier 2 visas, the Skilled Worker visa facilitates individuals to come to…


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Meet our dynamic team at Fortis Legal. Our experienced professionals bring diverse expertise and a shared dedication to client success. With a focus on personalized service and exceptional results, we're here to navigate your legal challenges with skill and integrity.



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    At Fortis Legal, our comprehensive practice covers a range of areas including immigration, civil, employment, commercial, and insolvency law, with a particular focus on judicial reviews and wider public law matters. We are known for our dedication to cases and our forensic approach to evidence.